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Career Overview


2004 to Date

Adult Education and Funding Specialist

I work across multiple contracts designed to promote ongoing education and upskilling, both for those in work and those seeking employment. I'm a quality and compliance specialist who champions research into service improvement and efficacy; ensuring that everyone gets the best possible outcome to meet their individual needs. 


Professional Membership: The CDI

By joining the Career Development Institute, I sought to access professional resources that would better allow me to support my team by delivering effective information, advice and guidance; as well as help to develop those staff who deliver careers IAG for students. 


Professional Membership: APM

I trained as a project manager and project analyst; to allow me to effectively contribute to and coordinate organisational change and improvement initiatives.


Professional Membership: BPsS

Specialising in Occupational Psychology, I gained graduate membership of the British Psychological Society and joined the Division of Occupational Psychology (organisational research, recruitment and selection, training and development, and change management), later adding the Division of Educational Psychology, Technology and Independent Practitioners as my career developed.  



Various | Ongoing Development

Adult Learner Support (Mathematics)


Project Management Foundation Diploma

Psychometric Testing (Level A and B Intermediate)

2000 to 2004

University of Sheffield | Bachelor's and Masters Degrees

Psychology BSc (Hons) specialising in techniques to improve the quality of virtual communication. 

Occupational Psychology (MSc) specialising in recruitment and selection best practice.

& Expertise

  • Data Analysis and Administration (16 years), including Excel and Power BI, reporting at senior level.

  • Financial Reporting / Budget Management (12 years) including preparation, reconciliation and forecasting.

  • Project Management (10 years) including cloud migrations, acquisitions and strategic reviews.

  • HR Management (8 years) including maintaining personnel records, interviewing and screening candidates.

  • Adult & Work Based Learning (15 years) including accredited, bespoke and funded training.

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